Gift Ideas

For Laughs

Burrito Blanket

Have a friend who loves a good Taco Tuesday? This soft fleece blanket could be the perfect gift!

Weener Kleener

The possibilities are endless with this gift. Give as a simple joke, or maybe send to a cheating ex boyfriend?

Beard Apron

All jokes aside, anyone who shaves their face needs one of these.

Prank Boxes

Want a laugh but still want to get a meaningful gift? Get something like this to hide your real gift inside of. Its sure to get a laugh.

Prank Boxes

If this doesn't get a laugh out of someone, we don't know what will!

Toilet Timer

This kind of humor is sure to always get a laugh,

Scented Candle

You'll get a good laugh, and a nice smelling candle out of this one.

Mini Violin

A joke maybe only some will understand.

Tiny Hands

We kept seeing these everywhere and had to add them to the list. It seems like everywhere they pop up, laughs follow.

Peter Heater

This gift is the perfect white elephant gift to get a laugh from everyone!


All jokes aside, this stuff is AMAZING. It will curb the smell of even the worse smells.

Girlfriend Pillow

Have a single friend, or a friends who's partner travels? This is sure to get a laugh.