Gift Ideas For Kids and Teens

OSMO Ages 3-5

This program is an excellent tool to help your early learner be ready for Kindergarden.

OSMO Ages 6-10

This program is designed to make learning fun, and give kids the extra help they need.

Paint and Plant Kit

This kit allows the kids to paint the planter and the plant markers. Then they are able to plant flowers and watch them grow from seeds.

Walkie Talkies

This three pack of walkie talkies has 22 channels and THREE miles range.


This is a great gift for anyone who loves to learn new things.

Ukulele Lessons

This is the perfect pairing when buying someone a ukulele as a gift.

Apple Air Tag

These tags are great to hang from your child's backpack, or to have them keep in their pocket when they are not home. Never question where they are.

Electric Balloon Blower Pump

Light weight, portable external design. Fast inflation rate and time saving for any occasion

Water Doodle Mat

This mess free drawing pad is activated with water pens, and dries so that you can color over and over again.

Rechargeable Lazer Tag

This four person lazer tag will keep your kids entertained for hours.

Kids Fire Tablet

This kid proof tablet is sure to be a big hit with the kids, and parents.

Tablet Car Mount

This is a great gift for kids in the car a lot. Movies always make the time go by faster!

Light-Up Terrarium

This miniature terrarium allows you to simulate a natural environment that you can view from indoors.

Waterproof Camera

This camera allows you to dive underwater up to 98 ft, and its lightweight design is perfect for all ages.

Indoor Playground

Rainy days are the worst when it comes to being stuck inside with the kids. This is an amazing gift that any kid would love.

Kids Travel Tray

Kids can spend a lot of time in the car while we run our errands, or long drives to the beach. This tray is sure to keep any kid entertained and happy. Parents will love it because it will keep the kids occupied.

Nintendo Switch

This console had 3 Play Styles: TV Mode, Tabletop Mode, Handheld Mode

Sky Lite

The projector instantly displays a field of drifting GREEN stars against a transforming BLUE nebula cloud


Any lock and key journal is a great gift for the young ones that are craving some independence.


They come in all colors and styles. You could find the perfect journal for anyone.

Adventure Scratch Book

This is a great gift for kids who are always wanting to try something new!

Science Kit

Kids will love these 20 science experiments and much much more.

Present Pet

Present Pets Dog Diamond Or Sparkle Dalmatian Interactive Plush Pet Toy with 2 Bonus Accessories and Over 100 Sounds and Actions

Ant Farm

This kit helps you to watch ants build, dig, move and so much more.


Some kids gifts never get old.

Illuminated Globe

Help encourage inquisitive children to explore the world of geography.

Electric Bumper Car

Perfect Gift for Kids - Scientifically designed kids 360 degree spinning bumper car is a wonderful present for your children's birthday or Christmas.

Sea Monkeys

Remember these? These Brine Shrimp are great to watch grow with minimal care.