Long Distance Gift Ideas


This box is a must have for any kind of long distance relationship. You can send pictures and notes from anywhere in the world, and the heart spins when a message is received.

Open When Letters

Write your loved one letters for them to open when they are down, or when they miss you. This is a gift that will be treasured forever.

Friendship Lamp

If you touch your Friendship Lamp, their lamp will light up the same color.

Love Messages

This is a great gift to allow your loved one to read something from you everyday.

Touch Lamps

Touch the top of the lamp, and the other lamp will be notified immediately, no matter how far away.

Love Language Card Game

This game is designed to bring couples closer together, whether they are close or far apart.


This is a sweet gift to remind someone that you are always with them.

Bond Touch Bracelets

These braclets allow you to stay connected to your loved one no matter how far away they are.

Voice Recording Teddy Bear

Record a special message and send it to your loved one that is far away. This is something to be treasured for years to come.

Why I Miss You

This is a great gift to send and let your loved one know how much you miss them. These prompted questions are sure to make them feel missed, and loved.